mostly infects Chinese ACE2 receptors.

Created from bat virus by inserting RNA modification to infect humans. When inserting RNA snippets carrier snipits are used. These remnants found prove man made.

? If so was not leaked China lab. Would China create virus that kill themselves?

The virus could be for SARS which went wrong.

What if China believes CIA did it? Governments are not above paranoia and conspiracy!

Who am i? I am a Goat Shepherd and known to toot about goats. I toot on Patriot\Militia and Christian topics. Human Rights and Torture. With a focus on OSINT news. By the way the FBI is evil!

FACEBOOK Unreliable
1. Censorship. FB jail if your post is not politically correct. FB algorithm will suppress posts.
2. Facebook spies on users. FB knows more about you then does the NSA. That info is shared with or sold to FBI\CIA.
3. Unreliable platform. You may spend much time and energy to build a following just to have FB suspend your account. It is unwise to rely on FB's Messenger. Your business or important communications in Messenger will be suspended when ever FB decides to censor you.

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